White high gloss bedroom furniture

White high gloss bedroom furniture instantly brightens up your space, making your bedroom resemble a haven, a spa for your tired, weary self instead of just a room with a place to lay your head on a pillow. A bedroom should always look majestic, appealing, elegant and inviting and of course, be a place where you can feel comfortable. White high gloss bedroom furniture is both elegant and utilitarian and is the perfect addition to a modern, contemporary home.

You can contrast your beautiful white gloss furniture with contrasting dark colored upholstery or, to make your room look spacious and big, go for pastels and cream colored upholstery. Light cushion and pillow covers, cream bedspreads, white curtains, perhaps in lace and a variety of pastel and light colored throw pillows will go very well with the high white gloss and make your room look modern and large, giving it an element of space, even if it is not so big.

If you do not want to go for white gloss furniture because you think it will be difficult to maintain, think again. For daily maintenance all you need to do is wipe the furniture with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent solution and you can also use specific products that are manufactured for high gloss furniture. Definitely avoid using conventional furniture polish and cleaners that have high chemical and alcohol content as these will be abrasive for the glossy and shining surface of your white high gloss bedroom furniture. Since white does seem to show up grease stains and finger marks more than furniture that  has dark varnish, make sure to make it a daily habit to clean the surfaces with mild detergent and cleaner directly to remove stains. However, be careful as even commonly used micro fiber cloth is bad for the sheen of high gloss furniture. White high gloss bedroom furniture might lose its shine and high definition if care is not exercised and will not look very good with prolonged usage, leading to more expenses – replacement, polishing etc.

white high gloss bedroom furniture 1

Where can you buy white high gloss bedroom furniture? Well the best option is to go online and shop for separate pieces or furniture sets. You are sure to garner brilliant discounts online if you look at different sites. Reputed online furniture sites are a good place for quality products at a good bargain. You can also get a feel of what the market prices are and compare and contrast before buying. Make sure that you are not getting duped into buying cheap imitations in the name of high quality furniture, though. You can also go to high end furniture stores for white high gloss bedroom furniture. Else you can also ask skilled craftsmen to customize white high gloss bedroom furniture because you can then get the exact design and look that you had in mind.

Maintain your white high gloss furniture and match your wallpaper or paint with it for maximum effect. Look through catalogs and home decor brochures for ideas and get started on making your bedroom look like it belongs to royalty!