Wall decals for nursery

New parents should invest in wall decals for nursery as it is a sure shot way to make a baby’s room look spectacular, beautiful and adorable at the same time. Wall decals come in a number of styles and designs and are instant and relatively inexpensive ways to do up a room without much fuss. Add a special decal to your wall and watch how it instantly transforms a tired and dull wall into something new and creative and appealing.

wall decals for nursery

Wall decals for nursery typically include baby themed designs. Think clouds, sheep, stars, teddy bears, pretty little ladybugs, fish, a smiling faced moon. You can have little rattles designed on the wall, or decals of hanging mobiles over the crib. Also popular ideas for wall decals for nursery include lines taken from a nursery rhyme or simply a quote invoking sweet dreams for the sleeping child.

wall decals for nursery1

Look for wall decals for nursery online, there you will be able to get lovely wall decal stickers and sets for very less since online websites almost always offer spectacular discounts and attractive bargains on everything. You can also ask companies to customize wall decor for you so that you can get exactly what you want for your baby’s room. Customizing wall decals for nursery is a good idea as you can then personalize your baby’s room according to your liking. If you have certain art that you have created and you want to put it up on the walls, you can approach decal companies who will personalize it for you into veritable wall decals which you can then use to adorn your baby’s nursery walls.

wall decals for nursery2

Wall decor is typically in black or white – wall art, that is, and wall decals for nursery usually stick to black and white outlines as well. This makes it easier for you to match your wall decal with the rest of the room, so this is a good thing. You do not need to change the decor of the entire room to accomodate your wall art, all you need to do is to fix on the location for it to make your little one’s bedroom something unique. Wall decals can be anything as long as they are themed according to a little child. Animal wall decals are a popular theme, as are cartoons. You can even have small stars as wall decals all over the room, little happy faces, kittens, puppies – a scene at the beach – anything that grabs your fancy.

Wall decals should be carefully researched as applying them on walls and them removing them is a hassle. You would not want to go into the headache of removal, even if you are paying a professional to do it. Not to mention the fact that they cost a lot of money to take off and put on aimlessly! Thus, it is a good idea to be  certain about the decor as you want it to appeal to your child as he or she grows up as well and the nursery is transformed into his or her room!