The Benefits Of A Brick Patio

One of the most popular home design trends today is the installation of a brick patio in the front yard or back yard of a home. Brick patios are very attractive and provide a number of benefits to the homeowners that choose to install them. These types of patios are easy to install and homeowners can find everything that they need to complete the project at their neighborhood home improvement store. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a brick patio.


A brick patio is one of the most durable types of patio available. It is estimated that brick patios can last nearly three times as long as a concrete patio without needing repairs or replacement because the gaps between the bricks allow the patio to expand and contract with the weather without cracking. Brick patios are also more resistant to ground shifting due to soil erosion by rain, plant roots, and insect life. While it may be more expensive to install a patio made of brick than a patio made of concrete, the additional costs are quickly recouped through the longer life of the bricks.

Environmentally Friendly

Those who care for the state of the Earth find that brick patios are more environmentally friendly than concrete patios. The spaces between the bricks allow more rainwater to seep through into the soil, reducing the amount of standing water around your home. Old or damaged bricks can be recycled and molded into new bricks for another use. Any missing or damaged bricks can easily be replaced without having to damage or destroy other parts of the patio and an extension can be added at any time with little hassle.