Sun room ideas

sun room ideas 2

A large room dedicated to the sun is a great space to have at home. Implement creative sun room ideas to further brighten the room and make it scintillating even if you live in cold climes because there is no better room to lounge with a cup of hot coffee and a book than a sun room while it is chilly outside.  A sun room is the perfect spot to entertain friends, relax after a day of work or during the weekend and even sleep in on chilly days, letting the sun warm you through the glass.

sun room ideas

What exactly is a sun room though? Well if your house is large enough, the sun room will be a room adjacent to the house, connected to it through a door. Usually, this is the case with all large houses in the suburbs. If you live in an apartment in the city, it is possible for you to have a sun room – if you have a room facing the sun and do not mind replacing three of the four walls with large panes of glass – if that is permissible and you have the money for it, then that way you can have your own sun room in your apartment.

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Once you have decided on your sun room space, think about a few creative sun room ideas to make the room look even brighter and better. This would include painting the walls a pretty shade of pastels, whites or cream. It would not do to have bright colors in the room as they will darken the room and absorb heat and make the room hot. You want the light color to reflect the heat and have uniform heating right? So paint your walls soothing shades to complement the sunlight oozing through the windows. You can of course jazz up your walls with decals and other accents such as pretty wallpapers etc but that is a personal choice. Honestly, a sun room does not need much accessorizing, such is the beauty and warmth of the sunlight.

sun room ideas 2

But what a sun room most definitely needs and you should definitely put a lot of thought into, is the furniture. Sun room ideas should include low lying and comfortable furniture that is to be stretched out upon, luxuriously, while you sun bathe with a book in hand. For this purpose, choose low mattresses, comfortable bean bags, futons, chaise lounges and other such low furniture beds for your sun room. Ideally, have them upholstered in white and have glass and crystal accents to decorate the room with. This will look spectacular and the room will look effortlessly big. For curtains, choose pale lace ones with valances hanging over the tops of the windows. Sun room ideas also involve lighting for you can use your room even at night as a beautiful and luxurious place to entertain your friends in. If possible, your ceiling should be made of glass because then the room will be awash in sunlight every day from all angles, which will serve its purpose of a sun room very well!