Stained Glass Windows Styles

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are usually found as decoration in a church or chapel. I have seen many of the stained glasses. Most of them have the common theme. Just a play of color, this stained glass gives good light distraction at noon. That was the most interesting thing about the stained glass I remember from my childhood.

The stained glass windows are not new things in the design area. It has been seen since the middle century around the 14 century. This kind of stained glass is usually used in the church as the relief. It can be form of the holy story or other story that relate to the God.

The material used in the stained glass windows is not different with other regular glass. They just gave final touch as they made their own theme. The work of the stained glass is usually regarded as the art work. It is difficult to create a good stained glass art work. You can also read about  Wall décor in this site.Stained Glass Windows Patteren Stained Glass Windows Medieval Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass Windows for Kids Stained Glass Windows Designs Stained Glass Windows Children Stained Glass Windows Churches Stained Glass Windows Cathedrall


We can choose many types of the stained glass for the windows. It is better to choose the one that has story like the one in the church. We can also have our own theme for the stained glass windows.

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