Small bathroom design ideas for small homes

This post is all about small bathroom design ideas and will focus on how to get the best out of whatever space your house has allotted for the bathroom. Usually, bathrooms are allotted the least space in the house but even so, that space should be given the best aesthetic appeal possible. A bathroom is a space where you relax and groom yourself after a hard days work and it is also where you get ready to face the day. Therefore ideally, your small bathroom design ideas should revolve around transforming your bathing space into a spa or a peaceful retreat for yourself.

small bathroom design

Here are a few small bathroom design ideas that will make your functional bathroom into an aesthetically appealing space. For one, the most major step that you will have to take is to minimize the clutter that usually builds up over time with daily use. Think about whether every item in your bathroom is necessary and whether it is used every day. You can remove anything that you do not need on a daily basis and store them away. For example, if you have a large  bathroom vanity which takes up most of the space in your bathroom, replace that with a wall mounted sink or one that is placed on a pedestal. Tall pedestal sinks are top of the list of small bathroom design ideas. If you have a large tub then it would be prudent to replace it with a smaller one – and there are plenty chic and stylish ones available in the market.

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Another well established point in the list of small bathroom design ideas would be to paint your walls a light shade or install tiles that are cream or pastel themed. Light colors immediately make a space look bigger than it is and a small bathroom will definitely benefit from it. Light and mirrors can also be used to make the small bathroom look bigger than it actually is. If you paint your bathroom in light colors and then further enhance the look by installing a large mirror opposite a light source, this will further benefit your bathroom. If your bathroom is really tiny, avoid getting a frame for the mirror – this adds to an effect of space. A large window would also be great as it would allow a lot of natural light to flood the space – and a skylight would not be too bad either. A dark and dingy bathroom is the worst kind that there could be and small bathrooms which are not well lit look even smaller and extremely unappealing.

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Install wall mounted shelves and roll out drawers to maximize the space that you have  – store your daily necessities in them. You can easily access them when need be and they do not need to be strewn about increasing the clutter and adding to the cramped look of a small bathroom. Wicker baskets to hod toiletries, wrought iron baskets for the same and pretty accents will further do up the bathroom and make it look pretty.

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