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Shelf Design Review

Decorating a family room and other room areas in the house will be more effective if we add some shelf design ideas for wall decorative item. Well, shelves can have more than a function as home furniture product. It can be a stylish and unique decorative item to complete the living space interior decoration. Or it may also become smart storage that keeps the home tidy and clean. Shelves come in numerous design and model. So, let’s check them out below.

Modular Shelves for Living Room

Modular shelves can be designed as custom shelves. This shelf design is quite unique with different shape found on each custom shelf. Several samples of modular shelves model involve circle shelves arranged on a living room wall side. This modular shelves arrangement requires some circular shelves in different dimension. Black and white hues application on those modular shelves gives such minimalist scent on the living room.

Unique Shelf Model for Family Room

Unusual design of shelf must be attractive enough to choose completing the living room interior decoration. There are many shelf models to consider today. Floor-to-ceiling rhomboid shelf looks unique in wood material. This rhomboid shelves are stuck perfectly on the center wall where we can see it as a focal point in the family room. Additionally, unique shelf model can create such stylish accent in the room. You can also read Modern Home Interior Design in Exquisite Design.

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Other style of unique wall storage is also known as Book Worm This unique shelf has unusual design as like a worm. It consists of long circular and curving wooden shelf to store various items such as books and decorative items. Natural color scheme of wood looks perfect on white wall paint color. Actually, you may cover this wood accent by applying vibrant or darker color such as black and many more. If you prefer to keep the natural scheme, you may apply wood stain only on this unique shelf design.

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