Roots Table with Glass Tabletop

Roots Table

Roots table is a very good furnishing for our home. In our home, there are many rooms which need to be equipped with a number of furnishings, living room as the example. In our living room, there are many kinds of furnishings which can be applied. They are table, chair, sofa, buffet, and the other furnishings. Of course, it will be better if our furnishings are in a good quality. It will enhance the durability of our stuffs.

Roots Table in Unique Design

Besides that, the design will also influence the look of our living room. There for, we had better have a furnishing which has a unique design. For us who want to have unique design of a furnishing, there is a unique table. It is named with roots table. It is designed by a good table designer, Ekta Shah. From its name, this table seems strange in our ear. However, this table has good look. It can give a different view in our modern home. This table has a very good design with high quality material.

Glass Material in Roots Table

For its tabletop, this table uses the glass material. The glass material on its tabletop will make this table looks more interesting and cleaner. Besides that, it also has a neat impression. The high quality material of a glass make this tabletop has a good endurance. It also has a good thickness. It is a very good design of a tabletop. Move on to the table leg, this Table has a wooden material. It is taken from the root. Therefore, it is called with roots table. You might also read Extreme Cantilevered Home : New Trend in Building House.

Roots Table with Tick Glass Top

Roots Cofee Table

Roots Table

Roots Table 2012

Roots Table Decorating

Roots Table Design

Roots Table Ideas

Roots Table Image

Roots Table Picture

Roots Table Plan

Roots Table plus Chairs

Roots Table Review

The shape of the legs is irregular. It improves the unique view of this table. The color of this table leg is brown as the other wooden material. The wooden legs also have good joints which are made from wooden material too. It is a very good roots table.

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