Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

A great way to be environment friendly is to invest in reclaimed wood bedroom furniture – in fact, furniture for your entire home. What is reclaimed wood? Quite obviously – wood that is re-used or reclaimed from items that have been junked. This wood is then salvaged and used to make beautiful items of furniture which has its own charm and timeless appeal. And since wood that people throw away in favor of new and modern furniture is usually great quality, rest assured that your furniture will be solid, enduring and sturdy.

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is usually made from the wood that is salvaged from old factories or warehouses or even a few farmyard barns etc. once salvaged, this wood is fabulous for furniture, flooring and other architectural uses. This wood can be a mixture of pine, oak, chestnut, teak etc. for in olden times, people used whatever wood was available and handcrafted their furniture – itself a legacy for the new generation now. Recycling wood is always a benefit to the environment and increases the lifespan of wood and therefore, in one way, reduces the number of trees that cut down afresh for new wood. If only people would realize the value reclaimed or salvaged wood, the environment would not be suffering as much as it is now. Once you invest in reclaimed wood bedroom furniture, you can be sure that you are doing your bit to save the wood from being thrown into landfills to slowly rot.

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture 1

However, reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is now gaining popularity thanks to a growing number of people who are thinking about the environment. Given that the wood is old and usually in those days, furniture was made from wood taken from forest plantations, the quality of the lumber is very high and the texture and grain bespeaks of durability. Most people are of the opinion that salvaged wood is more stable in structure – this gives you another reason to buy reclaimed wood bedroom furniture. The look and feel of this kind of furniture is signature in its appeal and new wooden furniture just does not compare with the distinguished and quiet elegance of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture.

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture 2

Since reclaimed wood bedroom furniture will have characteristics of many different woods, as mentioned before, it brings a timeless appeal to your home, bringing with it the elegance of of the  timeless and classic history of a bygone era. You may see that the wood still bears marks of use – like the odd nail hole or scratches and blemishes from the past, but these marks only add to the charm it exudes. Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture can also sport different patterns, different shades of color and grain because of the mixture of woods and this gives your usually conventional bedroom an interesting twist and aesthetic appeal.

Look online for reclaimed wood bedroom furniture – many sites do sell sets or they sell individual pieces which you can mix and match. Usually you will find furniture at throw away prices and definitely get great deals and discounts if you spend some time searching for the best bargains. You can also get your furniture custom made as this will allow you to dictate the design as per your choice.



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