Princess bedroom furniture for your little girl

princess bedroom furniture 2

Princess bedroom furniture will make every little girl’s dream come true and as parents, that is what you should aspire to do, isn’t it? You can start by decorating her bedroom – every little girl needs her own space and your child should have her own room, decorated fit for a princess, your precious princess that is. Nowadays, there are special interior decorators who will guide you on how to best decorate your little girl’s room with customised items, drawing from the depictions of princesses in fairy tales. Does your little girl have a favourite princess she wishes to be? Perhaps Cinderella, Jasmine or Sleeping Beauty – or even Snow White and their ilk are her role models? Well then, find out what exactly she wants and make her dream come true by decorating her room to be a princess’s room, with appropriate motifs and art which depict her favourite princess. Else, you can also decorate her room with furniture that would not be out of place in a royal palace – just to show her that she is a princess in her own right, she does not need to emulate any other princess!

Where can you buy princess bedroom furniture? Well apart from going to a specific interior design store or to an interior designer, it is best to look online for options. There are many entrepreneurs who have specialised websites which cater to such decor and furnishing needs. Browse through furniture ideas and see what style appeals to you best, look at online catalogues and compare prices and also, look for deals on princess bedroom furniture sets. You will find an extensive collection of princess themed furniture, ranging from ornate, carved dresser drawers, vanity sets with mirrors, crown detailing on wardrobes and benches, beds upholstered in plush purple or pink. Furniture with antique finishing or hand crafted wood will give an authentic feel to the room and you can also add crystal detailing for a royal look.

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Heart shaped ornate mirrors, vanity sets and  bed headboards and posts which are decorated with interlinked bows are an adorable addition to a little princesses bedroom.  The rose is also a favoured motif and is widely used as an accent for princess bedroom furniture. According to the colour preference of your little girl, paint the furniture in pastel shades contrasted with purple, pink and red – all colours of royalty.

princess bedroom furniture 2

You can have motifs of well known fairy tale princesses adorning the bed spread or the curtains, or bring to life simple white upholstery by adding a little detailing in the form of a fairy tale princesses face.  Usually, the reigning colour of a princesses bedroom is pink and its variant shades. If you want to go the whole hog, then buy a bed for your princess in the shape and design of the famous pumpkin carriage Cinderella went to the ball to, and try and have it surrounded by lace curtains while your princess sleeps to keep the wicked step sisters and evil witches away. Make your little girl feel like a princess till she grows up – she will always remember her childhood bedroom and its design, fondly!