Oriental Bathroom Décor Inspiration

Oriental Bathroom

Thing that related to oriental bathroom is natural scheme which always identical with Asian home interior décor. There are numerous things that you can apply in the bathroom to reflect oriental accent. But you need to know that oriental scheme is identical with wood, spacious room, green plant, and of course red for Chinese accent.

Let’s discuss about the bathroom look and start it from the wall. Wall décor ideas for oriental bathroom come in many unique ideas. You can take Japanese bathroom wall for natural bathroom look. Traditional Japanese bathroom commonly applies wooden wall as main concept of bathroom décor. It is the same with its floor which typically also covered by wood planks.

For oriental bathroom furniture, deep bathtub or soaking tub will work better than common bathtub. The deep soaking tub gives more relaxing accent in the bathroom representing natural and serenity atmosphere in the bathroom. Choose wood bathtub for traditional look or white porcelain bathtub for contemporary bathroom look. You can also read about Modern Islamic interior design in this site.

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For accessories and decorative items, porcelain vase for green plants always become great choice to support soothing sense in the bathroom. Don’t forget to place bath stool, brush, and wooden bucket for additional items in the bathroom. Hang some oriental calligraphy or classic painting to complete the oriental bathroom interior décor ideas.

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