Modern nursery ideas

After you have a baby, think about creative and beautiful modern nursery ideas for his or her room. Ancient lore and legends say that the longer a newborn child is surrounded with all things beautiful and happy, he will grow up to be a mirror image of that happiness that poured into his being during his formative years. Therefore do not for one second, think that a new born child does not need a well decorated nursery because he will not be able to appreciate it. He or she will be able to imbibe the beauty and the warm vibes that happily decorated rooms give out.

modern nursery ideas

Modern nursery ideas are all about understated charm and class and thus, you must keep this theme in mind when you decorate your child’s nursery. Think miminalist and classy with clean cut lines and practical decor. The paint job should be all about pastels and light pinks or blues, depending on your child’s gender. Of course, you can go for completely different colors as well but happy mommies more often than not want to theme the color of their child’s nursery depending on whether they have a little boy or a baby girl. Wall quotes and personalized wall decals dedicated to the baby are also popular choices for modern nursery ideas.

modern nursery ideas1

Furniture is very important in the list of modern nursery ideas. First up you must buy a well wrought and sturdy cot which is high enough and big enough to accommodate a growing child. Usually, the cot is painted in white which allows for it to match with whatever decor the room is in. The cot must have a mobile hanging over it so you can think about buying one which has one such mobile. A plush armchair is a must for modern nursery ideas in your child’s nursery. This is more for you than for your child! Place it in front of the cot in front of a window through which plenty of sunlight streams in and sit with your baby in your arms during feeding time. Such cots and armchairs can often be found in antique and thrift stores and such salvaged furniture not only comes in beautiful and traditional styles but also at great discounts and bargains. You can also buy these kinds of furniture online and you will also get a good price there. If you buy salvaged furniture there is a chance you will have to restore it and repair it, however that will not take too much time.

modern nursery ideas2

Look for perfect deals and discounts online where you will get a wide range of modern nursery ideas. It is up to you to choose the best deals. Only remember that kids will enjoy anything that appeals to their childish nature. However, if you want to save more money, it is advisable not to go overboard with the decor as that nursery will be your child’s room and you do not want to extensively redecorate. Thus it is a good idea to add removable kiddy accents that can be replaced as the child grows older.

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