Modern Islamic Interior Design Inspiration

Modern Islamic Interior Design

Most modern mosques typically apply modern Islamic interior design ideas representing Arabic style. Well, Arabic interior décor idea is commonly identical with Arabic calligraphy and other artistic painting for wall accessories. Numerous photos of modern Islamic décor style spread out in internet with various models and designs idea for your Islamic home interior décor trend.

Let’s read some general explanations related to the modern Islamic interior design with the latest design trend for inspiration. Most modern Islamic interior décor ideas still apply little Arabic nuance on certain area on the wall, floor, ceiling, and furniture though it has applied international home interior décor ideas.

Arch style becomes the most popular detail on the wall or door sill. This arch detail commonly forms such unique shape such as mosque dome or other. Well, for you who still feel confuse can directly searching some pictures of Jasmine and Aladin palace design. You will find many arch details applied on the wall, door, and window representing modern Islamic interior design. You can also read aboutIndian wooden bed designs in this site.

Modern Islamic Interior Design Modern

Modern Islamic Interior Design Ideas

Specific calligraphy detail applied on POP false ceiling or material room divider also influences the Islamic accent in home interior décor style. Carpet is another characteristic of modern Arabic interior décor. It comes in various patterns and colors to suit the entire room décor representing the modern Islamic interior design.