Make your bathroom a playing field with sports themed bathroom accessories

Sports themed bathroom accessories are a huge hit with adults and children alike. If you are an avid sportsperson or the parent of a sports loving child, then you can transform your bathroom space into a sports lovers paradise by simply investing in sports themed bathroom accessories.

Sports themed bathrooms are a pleasure to be in, if you select your accessories carefully. So what goes into deciding what accessories you should buy?Your loyalties of course! Decide which sport you want to pay homage to. Are you  a football fan? If so then what team is your favourite? Cricket maniac? Who is your favourite cricketer or what cricket team are you a fan of? Once you have decided what exactly you want to adorn your bathroom with, you can research and personalise sports themed bathroom accessories.

sports themed bathroom accessories

One of the favourite sports themed bathroom accessories is a sporty shower curtain. Other favourite sports themed bathroom accessories are sports themed bath mats, shower rods, bathroom wall paper with sports images, sports waste baskets, a sports themed border and even, favourite team metal pails and buckets. And one wouldn’t say no to sports themed brush and soap holders or sports figurines either.

Wipe your feet on a rug decorated with the bright and bold colours of your favourite football team – ManU perhaps? Or draw a shower curtain decorated with the logo of your favourite cricket team around the shower cubicle as you bathe. Have college sports pennants decorating the wall above your bathroom sink and brush while staring at your reflection in a mirror bordered with a favourite sports team logo.

Sports themed bathroom accessories can change the whole look of your bathroom and you will look forward to your ablution experience everyday. Toilet seat covers can also be personalised to reflect your favourite sports star or sports team and you can have C-folds and wastepaper bins in the same theme right next to it. Soap, brushes and toothpaste holders – bathroom sets – can be personalised with sports themes.

You don’t have to spend a large amount of money personalising your bathroom, you can creatively add sporty glamour to it yourself. Got stickers of your favourite sports team? Make your own sports themed bathroom accessories by sticking them on to your shower curtain – on the side that is not splashed by water of course. Or if you have a favourite cricket bat which is signed by a favourite cricketer – keep it in a corner and let it occupy a place of honour in your bathroom. This can be replaced by a baseball bat, a football – a hockey stick, anything that is close to your heart.

Buy rugs that are in shape of a cricket ball, a baseball, a soccer ball. Rectangular bathroom mats that scream your favourite teams logo is a good idea. Depending on your budget and the level of your fandom, you can wallpaper all the walls or get decals of your favourite sports, sports team or sports person. Got enough space in your bathroom? Make a collage of your favourite sports and get it framed – hang it on the wall inside, on the door. Be sure to make the frames waterproof! There you go – DIY sports themed bathroom accessories!