Low maintenance landscape ideas

There are plenty of low maintenance landscaping ideas that you could implement to keep your backyard and your garden looking fresh and neat, not to mention aesthetically appealing. It is a myth that landscaping costs a lot and maintaining a landscaped, sculpted yard or garden is even more difficult because it costs a lot. That is absolutely incorrect. As mentioned earlier, low maintenance landscaping ideas will come to your rescue when you are stumped about how to reinvent or repair the way your backyard or garden looks.

The first point in most manuals of low maintenance landscaping ideas is to have fuss free foliage in your backyard or garden which does not need too much time, attention and watering. Cactii are brilliant options for plants and when we say cactii we do not mean prickly, stubby little plants only. If you plan well ahead you can source these plants from online stores if you do not get them locally. Succulants, ornamental grass and cactii are your best bet for a fuss free and low maintenance landscaping ideas.

low maintenance landscaping ideas

Another fabulous low maintenance landscaping ideas involve what is known as pond-less waterfalls which are also known as disappearing waterfalls.  These are amazing low maintenance options which are also safe and ideal if you have children or pets in the house and a proper pond is a problem. This involves a small rock garden with a trickle waterfall and a small stream which if artfully designed will look fabulous in a backyard or a garden, only that the latter have to be slightly large for its full effect to show through.

Other good low maintenance landscaping ideas include scouting your own locality for material to put in your backyard and sculpt your own landscape. Shrubs and plants can be got from neighborhood nature clubs and they usually do not require much effort. Contact the same club or gardening clubs in your area for advice and suggestions on soil and other landscaping ideas and find out what suits you best, budget wise.  Replacing the lawn or grass cover with gravel chips and stone will reduce the need for regular maintenance with regard to weeding and watering of grass. Landscape cloth under a gravel filled garden with also be effective in keeping weeds away. Miniature evergreen plants, ornamental plants and rock garden plants in pretty pots and other containers will make for a good looking, low maintenance backyard or garden.

Perennial plants can last for a long time and therefore are popular choices for low maintenance landscaping ideas. Especially planted in large beds, these plants will not require too much care and will last for a very long time, saving you the hassle of re potting regularly. Research other saving strategies which can minimize other costs and look for great deals and discounts on landscaping products both online and at local stores. It would be very easy for you to get good deals only if you look carefully and then the end result will be a well designed yet low budget backyard.