Lighting Trends: Recessed Lighting

A popular way to add a unique lighting scheme to your home is to take advantage of the benefits of recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can be a key element in both the function and style of the space and offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. Here are some reasons why recessed lighting is so popular with homeowners.

Recessed lights can be used in any room of the home. In larger rooms, recessed lighting is often used as a complement to other types of lighting also being used in the room. Recessed lighting is also good for small rooms, such as a small bathrooms and small office spaces, because they take up very little space.

Recessed lights can be found in a wide variety of different colors, finishes and shapes, including circular, rectangular, and triangular. Recessed lights that are placed in the ceiling are generally large and bright to illuminate wide areas of the room. The ones used near eye level are usually smaller and dimmer.

Many homeowners like to use recessed lighting to focus light on a particular object or piece of art in their home. Because the light is recessed, it won’t have a noticeable fixture to obscure the view of the item that is supposed to be noticed. These lights can be focused like a search light or provide diffused light that surrounds the item in a warm glow.

You do not have to hire a professional remodeler to add recessed lighting to your home. Kits can be purchased that allow you to install recessed lighting in your home yourself. These kits typically contain everything that you need to install the lights, except for a few common tools, and the lights can usually be installed within a matter of hours. Avoid recessed lighting fixtures placed too close together or in rows down the center of the room as this type of installation can give the room the look of an airport runway.