Laundry Room Layout Ideas

Laundry Room Layout

Laundry room layout is often neglected by home owners. As a room that is high on function and low on decoration, the room is easily skipped in room planning and design. Having a good laundry room, though, will be great no only for doing laundry but also as a highly functional and good looking room.

Laundry Room Layout Planning

Laundry room layout planning you need to do initially is to determine how much you will use the space, what appliances you will need and whether there are any other person that will use it together with you. Depending on your laundry management, sometimes you will need extra spaces for sorting, organizing and folding the clothes.

No matter how big or small your laundry room layout is, you need to have three separated zones for your clothes: the dirty area, the clean area and the workspace. The dirty area is where you collect your dirty clothes. It might be a basket or hamper, or simply a laundry bag. Consider having more than one of these for sorting the clothes between the colored and the whites, especially if you don’t live alone. The clean area is where the washed clothes would be placed. Although more and more families use a dryer for drying purposes, a lot of us still use the old way of hanging the clothes around. A clean area should accommodate the hanging clothes. You can also read Small living room designs in this site.

Laundry Room Layout

Laundry Room Layout Sketch

Laundry Room Layout Ideas

Laundry Room Layout Elements

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Laundry Room Layout Design

Laundry Room Layout Design Ideas

Laundry Room Layout Decorating

Laundry Room Layout 2012

Laundry Room Layout for the Workspace

Last but not least, a laundry room needs a workspace. Although it is suggested that you place the laundry machine and the drying machine first, always plan an area for this working space. A workspace needs an ironing board which is mostly fold able and a storage space where you store cleaning solvents and detergents. A hanging storage would save more space for storing the chemicals, and don’t forget to finish the laundry room layout with a basket to bring a finished laundry back to the house.

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