Kitchen window curtains

kitchen window curtains2

Improve the look of your kitchen with pretty kitchen window curtains. Kitchens might be practical and utilitarian spaces but that does not mean you will not attempt to do it up in an appealing and aesthetic manner. You do not have to go over the top with your budget and invest in extremely expensive kitchen window curtains. You only need a bit of creativity and a thrifty eye for interior decoration and this applies to your kitchen as well. Think well and hard before buying curtains for your kitchen because they are instrumental in bringing a softeness and appeal to the practical hardness of a daily kitchen.

kitchen window curtains

If you have a small kitchen, brighten it up with floral kitchen window curtains that are floor length. Of course this will not work if you have wall shelves in your kitchen in which case you can opt for half length ones.  If you do not want to go into the hassle of cloth curtains you can buy printed kitchen panels which really add to the cheer of the kitchen and are a type of kitchen window curtains that really draw attention to the windows.think of investing in roller shades or roman shades that change texture of patterns when they are rolled up or down and large kitchens would really benefit decor-wise if you invest in large stationary valences. Further decoration tips for kitchen window curtains include buying curtains with fringes, bold patterns such as color-blocked stripes, adding accents such as tassels and other creative trims.

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Kitchen window curtains are essential for privacy as well, you do not want you neighbors to be staring at you while you eat your breakfast wearing your favorite cartoon theme pajamas do you? If you do not want proper window curtains then blinds and screens that close quickly when you draw on a few strings are good options as they keep out prying eyes but let in some amount of daylight as well. Try buying translucent  textured panels and screens and make sure to check they are effective in maintaining privacy.

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Washable kitchen window curtains in cotton or chintz are other options, especially if you live in a hot tropical country where grime and dust is an everyday occurrence. Cloth curtains such as these would benefit from a polyester backing so that the color does not fade with sunlight as the original material is protected with the backing and it also does not attract too much dust and grime.  Another reason why you should get kitchen window curtains is that you need to protect your kitchen furniture, especially anything wooden from sunlight and this is a practical investment to make.

According to your tastes, your curtains can be of any material or type or print, it has to serve the purpose of maintaining privacy at night, protecting your kitchen from sunlight during the day and of course, the added advantage of the aesthetic transformation of a dull kitchen into a cheery one. Make sure you do not buy heavy materials for curtains such as silks etc. which are difficult to wash, not to mention prone to catching fire.