Kids play room

kids play room 2

If you have children in the house then it is necessary that you have a kids play room too. Without it, the house will be over run with excited children who will drive you up the wall, much as you love them and it will never do to have them destroy your peace and happiness when you have work or are not feeling well. If you have a kids play room at home then you can simply fill it with toys of your choice and all the accessories that your child loves and leave him or her in there when they are feisty and energetic. It is an ideal room for when your son or daughter brings home more children as well and you should choose your furniture properly so that there are no accidents and you are left with fewer broken toys to clean up.

kids play room

A major feature of a kids play room  is safe furniture. Choose plastics which will not break easily. If you must buy wood – which is a better option given that they are more durable and strong, not to mention hygienic, please make sure that the edges of all the furniture are rounded off and no sharp edges remain to bang against little heads. Glass and crystals are absolute no- nos and you should never have anything that is easily breakable or fragile in a kids play room.

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What you should have is a plush carpet that stretches from one end of the room to another. This will be the ideal place for your children and their friends to roll around in when they have their play time. This keeps them safe from hurting themselves when they trip as well and this way they do not hit the stone cold floor.

kids play room 2

You can paint your kids play room in bright colors. Elegant and sophisticated shades will not appeal to kids at all so stay far away from creams, pastels, pinks and whatnot. Go for bright yellow, green, red, orange – all the colors of the rainbow. Be as bright and happy as possible and incorporate decals of sunflowers, smiling faces, wall art of stars and moons, planets, trees, monkeys – whatever catches your child’s fancy. A happy kids play room will ensure happy kids. Once you have painted the room in bright shades and done up the walls decoratively, choose minimal furniture. Perhaps a bookshelf to place in one corner of the room where your child can keep his or her books, drawing tools, and even toys. Teach your child to put away his or her play things after play time and this will ensure that you have lesser things to pick up.

And one last piece of advice would be – that all the toys must be safe and without small parts that kids can swallow. Ensure that your kids play room has no elements of the slightest danger which will pose a hazard to kids and you will have a little corner in your house dedicated to your little one when he or she is feeling energetic and you are not!