Japanese Bed Frame Designs for Natural Bedroom Ideas

Japanese Bed Frame Designs

Japan is popular with any recycling method which always applied in any Japanese products including furniture like Japanese bed frame designs. Japan government always emphasizes about eco technology in almost all home products including bed and other furniture. No wonder that you will see many home items are made of natural material and designed in simple shape and style.

Japanese bed frame designs generally have similar shape and design as well as other countries’ bedroom furniture. But there are several things that make Japanese products are different from other common products besides the natural material used for. Well, let’s turn into several samples of Japanese bed designs below.

Have you ever heard about tatami and futon? Well, tatami is Japanese traditional flooring which commonly made of special material like paper. Futon is Japanese traditional thin mattress which commonly laying out only for sleeping time. The following Japanese bed frame designs are related to the tatami and futon. You can also read about Modern Islamic interior design in this site.

Japanese Bed Frame Designs

Japanese Bed Frame Designs Elegant

Japanese Bed Frame Designs Modern

This unique natural bed frame is made as like other standard bed complete with shorter four legs but less of head and footboard. The top of frame is covered by tatami with strong wooden holder frame under it. To complete the function of the tatami Japanese bed frame designs, you will need futon and some pillows for comfortable resting.