Images of Girls Bedrooms Simple Designs

Images of Girls Bedrooms

Images of girls bedrooms are usually filled with pink stuffs, stuffed animals and frilly things. That does not always have to be the case, though. A girl’s bedroom can be feminine and chic without having all the pinks and the frills. Here are some simple designs of girls’ bedrooms.

Images of Girls Bedrooms for All Ages

Images of girls bedrooms with grown-up color palette don’t always have to defy pink. If it wants to use pink, though, be sure to integrate the color with others that are more neutral, for example white or pastel blue. Other shades of pink can also be great combined with light gray or beige for a more mature setting. Orange, pastel blue, violet or yellow are all quite feminine without being too girly. If you have enough space, try separating between the bedroom and the playroom, with the bedroom looking more mature. As the girl grows up, the playroom could be changed into a study room, a library or a home office.

Separating a sleeping area with a studying or playing area can be done in several ways. For a bigger room, a separator or a curtain can be placed between the areas, making them easily connected and separated. A smaller room can have a bunk bed with one area for sleeping and the other for studying or playing. The decoration can be different between the areas, but try to match them so that the rooms can still be connected as one. Images of girls bedrooms might sometimes include a separated secret hiding, creating a room inside a room by making a small tent or having a little corner to play in. You can also read Girl bedroom ideas in this site.

Images of Girls Bedrooms

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Images of Girls Bedrooms Decorations

Decorations in girls’ bedrooms usually consist of many princess costumes, decorated photos and stuffed animals. Add a touch of maturity by having a flower vase in the room. Instead of framed photos, add in some framed artworks, including the ones she made herself. Stuffed animals are great decorations, but if you want a decoration that is simpler, opt for more pillows instead. A rug will also add a touch of femininity while not being obvious about it. Last but not least, any images of girls bedrooms will always benefit from well-chosen and well-placed cute lamps.

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