Ideas For Adding Attractive Accent Walls To Your Rooms

If you want to experiment with smaller doses of brighter, bolder hues in your home, accent walls are a great way to do it. An accent wall can create a striking, unique design element that adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Accent walls can be used to define the perimeter of a living space or spotlight an interesting feature of the home, such as an architectural feature or a treasured piece of artwork. You can create a color flow throughout the rooms by using the color of the accent wall in fabrics, finishes, accessories, and furnishings in adjoining rooms.

Creating A Bold Accent Wall

Many people choose bold colors for their accent wall because it allows them to accentuate a space without overpowering it. Use the bright colors in your decorative accessories as colors that can create a vibrant accent wall that meshes with the rest of the décor in a room. For a child’s room, their favorite color can be used for the accent wall and their bedding, while the other walls are painted a more neutral color.

Creating A Contrasting Accent Wall

Another great way to use an accent wall is to paint it a contrasting color to the other walls in the room. For a subtle difference, choose a darker version of your current wall color on a single wall to break the monotony of a single-color space. Contrasting accent walls are also great for dividing large spaces into smaller living spaces with different purposes. Whatever shade you choose, an accent wall allows you to express your own unique, confident design style. The possibilities are endless and are only constrained by the limits of your imagination.

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