House Decorating Styles Explained

House Decorating Styles

House decorating styles vary from person to person and there is no right or wrong to them. However, knowing your decorating style would make it easier when working with a professional interior designer and will help you in the long run with home improvement and remodeling, so it is highly recommended that you assess yourself for what your style is.

How to Know Your House Decorating Styles

The first step you need to do to know your house decorating styles is by taking a look at your house right now. Take a note of the furniture in every room and classify them by how much you like them. Notice what furniture attract your attention more than the others and what you wish you could replace. The second step would be to assess your clothing style. Notice what color makes you the most confident and happy and what kind of clothes make you feel beautiful.

The third assessment would be about the places you would like to live in. To know your house decorating styles, try to think outside your lifestyle and budget and use your imagination to picture a perfect place to live in if budget and possibilities are not of concern. The last thing to do would be to find the common thing from the three results, whether in design, color or material. You can also read Cool Girl Rooms Ideas.

House Decorating Styles

House Decorating Styles Plans

House Decorating Styles in People

Although there are a lot of styles you can find in people, there are some basic categories found most from researches. The first one is the French cottage style, with sophisticated and classic look. You are usually attracted to delicate and artful crafts of furniture with luxurious material and neutral colors. Grand chandelier and modernized Victorian style furniture will suit you best. The next style is contemporary and modern. You tend to like fresh and fun design with clear lines and no clutters. Bold colors are no problem for you and unique shapes and art will excite you, as long as they are simple, geometrical and uncluttered. The traditional style minded people will put comfort over everything and they love casualty. Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are perfectly fine for them, with attention to details and harmony. Lastly, the vintage lovers usually prefer cottage style homes. They love stuffs with history. Rusted and aged furniture usually attract them and intricate details are their preferred art. Whichever your house decorating styles is, be sure reflect them in your home for your ultimate comfort of living.