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Home designs for a big family in this modern era seem to be one of people needs. By the time goes by, the services of health and education also increase. The increasing of the education makes people aware the important of humans’ lives and housing. The increasing of health service make people are successful in having many babies and the birth rates is also increasing. Many couples want to have more than 2 kids in the house. And some others want more twins living with them. That’s why big families exist and they need special designed houses to live comfortably.

Bedrooms Home Designs

Talking about home designs for a big family, the first thing you need to concern is about its bed rooms. A big family is families that consist of more than 4 people in it. It can be 5 or more. Every one need their own private rooms but you can have some tricks not to spending too much space for building too many bed rooms. Here for little children in the house, you can put double beds in one big bedroom. For a teenager you have in the house, you must provide her or him with a bedroom for one person because a teenager needs more privacy. For babies you can add a small room near your room.

Family Room Home Designs

When all of the member of the family gathering and have certain party or occasion, they will need an enough space or room. So, you should think about right home designs for your family. Everyone in the house should have their seats and feel comfortable in it. For the living room as a place where a family gathering most often be held in, buy a thick cozy carpet for the room, a long comfortable sofa or couch also will be a nice thing for the addition.

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Just for another suggestion, let it be no table in the living room because it only blocked the space for family movement especially when there are kids in the house. TV set is also important here in home designs for a big family.

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