Great Home Style For You And Your Cat

In America we are a nation of cat lovers. In fact we own 73 million cats (although many cats think that they own us). These beautiful creatures bring us love, affection, company and bags of character. The only issue is incorporating their needs into our home without compromising on the aesthetics. For instance, most home owners certainly don’t consider the possibility of putting in a kitty litter tray when designing a stylish kitchen. Here are some great tips for seamlessly accommodating the needs of your feline friend and still having a beautiful living space.

Kitty litter hideaway

Kitty litter boxes are a necessity, especially if you don’t have a garden. However, you don’t want your box cluttering up your kitchen, or on display in your living room. Fortunately you can now buy kitty litter hideaway boxes, that look like simple side tables. This allows you to keep the box out of sight and it also helps to contain any unwanted smells. Whatever your home style look, you can buy your box in assortment of woods – or even get one made and paint it in a color that goes with your home scheme.

A stylish cat bed

We match our cushions to our couch and curtains, so why not match the cat bed up too? This winter, soft fabrics and textiles are very much back in fashion. Think of plush faux fur, corduroy and velvet – all in deep shades and classic greys. Matching your cat bed to your interior decor means that their comfortable safe space also looks good in your living room. You can then also purchase a different colored bed for the spring and summer months, allowing you time for the winter bed to be cleaned.

Radiator cat cozies

In the winter, there is nothing more that a cat loves than curling up somewhere warm. You might not have the luxury of an open fire for them to nest in front of, but a radiator cat cozy will be just as much appreciated. Covered in neutral-colored fleece, a cozy conveniently hooks onto the back of the radiator, sturdy enough for your cat to climb in an take a nap. They are unobtrusive and will fit into any home style. Plus your cat will love you for it. 

Don’t forget a scratch post

Cats have a tendency to sharpen their claws on carpets and the corners of furniture if they’re not regularly clipped. This is why it is important to keep a dedicated scratch post for your kitty. It doesn’t have to be an unsightly beige thing that sits in the room however – think designer style. A good idea is a beautifully shaped cat scratcher that also doubles as a cat lounge chair. They are sleek and sophisticated and best of all you would never know that the purpose is really for your cat to scratch. You can also buy online a cat seat/scratcher in the shape of a miniature Chesterfield settee. Very classy indeed and perfect for any style of interior. 

Just because you have a cat, doesn’t meant that your home can’t ooze style and charm. Look further than functional feline accessories and think how you can make their needs blend in to your beautiful living space.

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