Glass block basement windows

Glass block basement windows are a great way to add some glamour and sophistication to your basement, a space that is usually left completely bare and unadorned. Usually, basements have small vents which double up as windows and you should ideally rectify this, given that even a basement needs to be well ventilated and airy, it might not be fit for habitation as such, and one might not live in it, but many extra household items are stored in the basement, in crates, cartons and boxes. If not kept in a well ventilated space then the items that are stored might get destroyed on exposure to humidity, fungus, moisture etc. that thrive in an un-ventilated state.  In most houses, the basement is the location of the water heater as well as the furnace and these will not operate if the weather outside gets to them.

glass block basement windows

Glass block basement windows will be beneficial in a number of ways – they will be  effective in keeping out bugs and other insects from your garden and backyard, they will be able to effectively keep out burglars from your basement because they are incredibly strong and sturdy. They will also keep prying eyes out of your property and effectively shut out noise and be useful in times of bad weather. They look good too, so you will be getting a gamut of utilitarian benefits when you install glass block basement windows as well as an aesthetic makeover for your basement.

glass block basement windows1


Most windows in the basement are usually a simple pane of glass which is set in a wood, steel or aluminum frame. A single pane of glass often offer no real security or weather sealing and this is why you should install glass block basement windows. If a glass block window replacement is done then the entire single frame is taken out and replaced as these windows can be directly installed. All the wood and metal that is liable to rust because of the elements are removed in this way and glass block basement windows provide an effective weather barrier. Not only that, because they are so strong and durable, they keep out the burglars because they cannot be penetrated by anything easily.

glass block basement windows2

Usually, there are three different categories of glass block basement windows and you can choose them according to what suits your budget and basement needs the best.

DIY glass block basement windows are also available readily at hardware stores, in fact it is a favorite practice to install these windows at home because they are so easy to do. Else, you can always ask for professional help though that will be significantly more expensive. Look up online stores for DIY material or for ideas relating to glass block basement windows so that you can buy, compare prices or avail of significant discounts. Online websites always offer hefty deals and bargains so those are the places to go to if you want to be thrifty. Garage sales, yard sales and thrift shops might also have these windows for sale so keep an eye out when you pass one by and have your basement window measurements handy!


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