Fireplace Flames Colorants Creation

nobo fireplace flames

Actually you can buy fireplace flames colorants because they are widely sold in the markets, but it will be fun to make chemical colorants on your own. You can make use of materials that can be found easily in your home, for example used household products. It’s a great way to lure people to watch the fire and stay longer in living room or lounge area. Or, you can get things you need in chemical supplier or a specialty store. When dealing with this project, you will enjoy it very much since it may remind you of school science project and will add beauty in your living room.

To make fireplace flames colorants in particular color, you need to know the source of each colorant. Purple flame is produced from potassium (salt substitute), white flames are created from magnesium (Epsom salt), and green flames are generated from both alum as used in pickling and canning and borax that is commonly used as a laundry additive. Look in local grocery store of your kitchen to get those things.

If you wish for red flames you can use saltwater aquariums. Blue flames are made from fungicide copper while bright orange fireplace flames are produced from calcium-based bud. You can find them in a nursery, aquarium stores, or garden store. After everything is ready, it is the time to make the colorants. you can also read about Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas in this site.

nobo fireplace flames Pour 1 liter of water into the pail and put in the first colorant and fuel. Mix the solution until dissolve. Leave the solution overnight. Spread some layers of newspaper on a stain proof, water-resistant, flat work surface. Roll the newspaper and burn it in the fireplace to create special fireplace flames.