Enjoy teeing off with golf themed bathroom accessories

Golf themed bathroom accessories can be an extremely fun addition to your home decor. If you are a gold fan, then there is no reason why your bathroom cannot reflect your passion, as probably the rest of the house does.

So tee off during shower time – invest in a shower curtain that is designed to look like the bright blue sky on a beautiful summer’s day – with a golf ball in the foreground, positioned perfectly on a putter. Or else simply have a golf ball themed shower curtain – that looks extremely fun and sporty.  Golf themed shower curtains can also have a vintage golf ball design, or even an entire tournament depicted on it. If you have a favourite golfer, then you can probably get a local photo artist to print his or her visage on your existing shower curtain for a DIY twist to your golf themed bathroom accessories. Golf themed shower curtains can also show a great tee off, or even a vast expanse of golfing greens.

golf themed bathroom accessories

Another favourite of the golf themed bathroom accessories is the soap dish or the toothbrush holder set. Invest in a dish that has been shaped to look like a putting green, with the golf hole being the space for the soap.  Speaking of fun golf themed bathroom accessories – you can buy a cute golf cart shaped toothbrush holder, with holes in the roof for the brushes or a golf bag can serve the same purpose.

And what about your toothpaste and various lotions? Here is where a golf bag can be a cool addition to golf themed bathroom accessories – imagine dispensing hand wash from a bottle of lotion well encased in a true-to-original golf bag, complete with the buckles and ties at the top. Not just a soap dish or a toothbrush holder, a tissue holder, the towels – anything, can themed.

golf themed bathroom accessories1

Your wastepaper bin can be golf themed as well. A pair of golf clubs, or an entire set, a few gold balls and a perhaps a grassy trim can bring your bathroom to life as a golfing green instead of a mere bathroom.  Customize the knobs of your bathroom cabinets and your door to look like a golf ball instead of a boring and conventional doorknob. Another bathroom essential – bath towels, can be personalized to look like a length of grass with perhaps a few golf holes thrown in. You can even customize a towel to feel like grass if you are that keen on owning a variety of original golf themed bathroom accessories. Needless to say, bathmats, toilet seat covers, seat warmers etc. can all be themed to look like parts of a golfing green or sand traps. Your bathroom mirror can be surrounded by LED lights encased inside golf ball shaped bulbs. Paper your bathroom walls with green grass tiles or paint them a light green. Overhead lights could also be shaped like golf balls, hung on brackets that look like golf clubs.

golf themed bathroom accessories2

The options are endless when it comes to golf themed bathroom accessories – you just have to exercise your imagination to make your golfing dream come alive within the confines of your home, in every possible room, including the bathroom!


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