Double Height Living Space Ideas

Double Height Living

Concrete wall certainly can be main reason of space problem; actually it can be solved by applying double height living space ideas. Many people say that double height space idea only can be installed in large house. But that statement is not right since the double height space idea is certainly used to space saving solution. With this double height space interior design, you can create more space vertically.

Although it only add a room more free space on the top of living room, double height living space interior design idea really can give you airy sense in limited spaced room. There are many methods to make your small house looks stylishly while getting more space at the same time.

One of those methods is by installing large glass wall or window on the outer wall sides. You can install the concrete wall on the other sides for other private rooms such as bedroom and home office. Let the room space with double height living idea free to emphasize the airy and wider space effect. You can also read about Bedroom cabinet design  in this site.

 Double Height Living

Double Height Living Space

Double Height Living Room

Double Height Living Photos

Double Height Living Room Interior

And to give more modern and stylish design, add a line of metal interior fence to replace concrete wall on the inner side of the double height four sides. For natural sense, let the glass wall and window applied on the entire outer wall side free from curtain. And complete the double height living room idea with low double pendant lamps.

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