Designing A Gym That Inspires You To Be Your Best

The average American adults spend around $155 per month on health and fitness, and that adds up to around $112,000 in a lifetime. It’s no wonder that many fitness buffs are opting to have home gyms installed instead. If you have a large space in your home that could be put to better use, a home gym is a fabulous idea if you are always on the go. Having your own workout space will not only potentially save you money, but also ensure that time and the need to commute don’t stand in the way of the perfect fitness routine, 365 days a year.

Measuring Equipment

You will need to make a list of ‘must have’ equipment for your gym, taking the measurements of each piece into account when planning your layout. A treadmill alone measures, on average, around 64 inches long and 28 inches wide. When calculating your total room space, make sure that there is enough distance between machines for safe and comfortable use. For safety reasons, large equipment such as treadmills, stair climbing machines and the like, should be placed at opposite ends of your home gym to weights, rowing machines, leg presses, and other low-lying furniture to avoid accidents when getting on and off machines. Stick to machines you will truly use often; your daily home workouts will also include floorwork, especially if you are into yoga and Pilates, so ensure you have enough room for these.

Designing A Rest Space

From the day your home gym is ready, you will probably find that friends and family will want to give it a try. A home gym should ideally have a small space for socializing as well as working out. Thus, in the floor mat workout area, a small sofa and side table are key so you and your friends can rest before or after a workout, top up on energy drinks, and check out workout plans together. A fridge will work well in this area too; in the summer, your workout buddies will certainly be grateful for a cool drink after a tough workout. For a larger gym space, you need to fill up to avoid an empty look, consider a small kitchen with a cute countertop that can double up as a bar. Add two or three designer stools and you may spend more time preparing healthy pre- and post-workout snacks for friends than working out!

A Space Within A Space

In every area of life, from work to travel and holidays, we want our surroundings to be optimal for the purpose in mind. The immediate surroundings that we choose for ourselves with nourish our creativity and motivational energy.

Yoga and mindfulness activities like Tai Chi have become huge this millennium, and if you are a fervent follower of these Eastern practises, you might consider designing a yoga space within your gym itself. Wooden flooring throughout the gym makes for a really slick look; opt for darker woods if your gym will also be devoted to yoga. Your meditation and asana (yoga posture) area can contain inspired décor pieces like a small altar (for inspired sculptures, incense and the like), at least one storage furniture piece for mats, towels etc., and of course, plants (since greenery has been found to boost performance and instil the state of calm that is so conducive to yoga). If your gym is located at the same level as a garden, replace walls and opaque doors with glass sliding floor-to-ceiling doors. These will enable you to look out into a beautiful natural spot while giving it your all on the machines or while meditating or performing asanas.

When it comes to building a practical and beautiful home gym, make sure you have enough space to use all the equipment you need. If your space is on the small side, keep it to one or two larger pieces, combined with a free weights area in one corner of the room. A home gym should have a resting area as well as a workout area since friends and family are likely to join you on more than one occasion. Finally, don’t be hesitant to divide your gym into two or more mini-areas for specific activities such as yoga, Pilates, or dance.

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