Decorating Tips That Enhance Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. The master bathroom is used every day for a wide variety of tasks that can range from a few minutes to nearly an hour of time ensconced inside. Your master bathroom should be comfortable, functional and attractive to allow you to enjoy your time in this area of your home. Here are some decorating tips you can use to enhance the appearance of your master bathroom.

Use Light Wall Colors With Contrasting Accent Colors

In order to make your master bathroom feel as large and spacious as possible, you should use light colors for the ceiling, walls and floor of the bathroom while using contrasting accent colors for the accessories in the bathroom. For example, one popular master bathroom color scheme is having white walls, floor tiles, tub, sink and toilet with red and black towels, rugs, shower curtain, and toiletry holders. A similar effect can be achieved by using a very light shade of your favorite color for the walls and a much darker shade of the same color for the accessories. Having trouble deciding? Break out a box of crayons and a standard coloring page of a bathroom to see what your colors would look like together.

Use Bright Lighting

The amount of lighting in a room can dramatically affect the appearance of the room. Master bathrooms that are brightly lit will appear much more open than a bathroom that contains lots of shadowy areas. Because bathrooms generally get very little outside light during the day, it is important to install adequate lighting to illuminate the entire bathroom properly. If you are not a fan of large lighting fixtures, you can opt for under-counter lighting and recessed lighting to increase the amount of light in the room as well as installing additional mirrors to reflect the available light.

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