Decorating Ideas For Showcasing Artwork

Do you have some beautiful artwork that you would like to showcase in your home? Finding a way to showcase these pieces in the best light can be a difficult task, but the rewards of your efforts will be great as you see how lovely your art looks when placed properly. There are many different ways to showcase artwork and the method chosen will depend on the size and type of art that is being displayed. Here are some great ideas for showcasing your artwork in your home.

Group Wall Art In Clusters

Wall art looks great when clustered together into groups of similar items. Smaller photographs can be clustered together in groups of four of the same size to create a cool collage effect. Ideas for large artwork include placing several pieces of the same size equidistant across the wall or hanging a small piece of art on either side of a larger piece. When deciding how to place your pieces, you should strive for balance not uniformity.

Choose A Variety Of Frames

If all the frames for every piece of art in your home is the same, it will give the home an institutional feel. Choose frames in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to make the displays feel more artistic. Frames for art and photographs can be found in a wide range of locations, including home improvement stores, mass merchandisers, and local craft stores. You can also have a frame custom made to fit your art perfectly in a frame style that complements it.

Accentuate Your Art

Another great way to display art in your home is to choose home décor items to place near your art to accentuate it. Small touches like adding mirrors around the items or adding additional light sources can increase the visual appeal of the art. The goal of your art display should be to show your artistic side throughout your home, so let your imagination be your guide.