Custom wall quotes

Custom wall quotes are a popular choice when it comes to wall art and wall decals. They are arguably the  best way to express yourself and a quote or a phrase which best defines you and how you see the world, your opinions and your personality is a quirky and interesting, not to mention a creative way of self expression. Express yourself in your own home by using custom wall quotes. It can be a personal quote, one from a book that you love reading, an iconic line by a movie character or a line – or even paragraphs – from a  favorite poem. Improve the brand value of your home immediately in this manner and your guests will be awestruck when they enter your home.

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The best part about custom wall quotes is that they can be used to adorn and decorate all the walls in the house.  Every single room in the house can be decorated with wall quotes. You can choose appropriate quotes for all the rooms of the house – the kitchen, the bathroom, living room and bedroom. The advantage of this kind of  interior design is that you can do it yourself, all you need is a skilled hand at painting and a  paint brush and a tin of paint handy. You should be artistic, else the quotes will not be neat. In case you are not confident about your drawing skills, then you can easily rectify that by carefully sketching a stencil of the words on the wall and then painting inside the borders. This will help you get an even color and the brush strokes will not go out of the lines, ensuring that  the wall art does not look messy.

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You can even stencil wall art along with your custom wall quotes to make it look even more elaborate and appealing. For example, stencil a book or a page along with a literary quote, to make it look as though a book with lines is drawn on your wall. The open book can be artfully drawn around it the quote. A quote that is from a song can have music notes etched around it or a line from a poem could perhaps have the image of a quill or a pen sketched in such a manner that is looks as though the quote is being written by it.

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Where can you have your custom wall quotes? Well, you can paint them in intricate calligraphy over the archway of a door – perhaps a quote about welcoming visitors to the home? You can have them artistically decorating  the sill of a window or just over a dining table or even the fireplace. Have something witty written on the wall of the kitchen door and think of an appropriate quote for your kitchen. The bed headboard in your bedroom can have custom wall quotes over it. Remember to use proper fonts when going for wall quotes. Something poetic should ideally be written in calligraphy which looks like beautiful hand writing. Edgy quotes can be written in fonts appropriate to them.