Create A Classic Traditional Dining Room With These Decorating Ideas

Even though many newer homes are not designed in a traditional style, it’s fairly easy to recreate this classic style with a minimum amount of effort. Today, the traditional style has taken on a slightly more modern flair, but the core elements still remain. One of the best ways to showcase the traditional style in your home is to create a traditional dining room. Here are some tips for adding a classic traditional dining room to your home.

Decorative Trim

Many homes that showcase the traditional look use various types of decorative trim throughout the home. This traditional look can be achieved with a quick trip to a home improvement center. Choose period accurate molding pieces that can be used to trim the room. These trim pieces can be cut at the home improvement store to fit your dining room for easy installation if you bring your measurements with you.

Specific Painting Techniques

Traditional dining rooms also may utilize specific types of paint applications to create a traditional look to the room. Stippling and combing are popular painting techniques that can add an authentic touch to your dining room. The painting department of your local home improvement center will have rollers and tools available that you can use to complete these techniques. The traditional wall colors for a traditional dining room are usually warm in tone, but modern recreations have been known to use slightly lighter tones.

Window Treatments

Window treatments also add character to traditionally styled rooms. Most traditional window treatments are elaborate and make a bold statement. Brass curtain rods and heavily textured tassels can be used to complete the look. Hang curtain rods high above the window and choose long window treatments to create a more dramatic effect. Adding oversized mirrors with detailed brass, mahogany or cherry wood frames will add to the traditional feel of the room.

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