Buy Allen and Roth bathroom vanities for an elegant touch

allen and roth bathroom vanities2

Buy Allen and Roth bathroom vanities if you are looking to give your bathing space an elegant and sophisticated decor that is bordering on opulence reminiscent of classic royalty. What are vanities? They are beautiful structures that incorporate the washbasin or the sink along with storage space and are usually wall mounted in modern homes to optimize the usage of space. There is wide range of Allen and Roth bathroom vanities  to choose from even if you do not have a large bathroom to work with. The bathroom is given the least importance and focus where home decor is concerned and that is not right – if you are guilty of doing this, then remedy yourself instantly  by investing in a vanity.

allen and roth bathroom vanities

Allen and Roth bathroom vanities are also priced very well and suit every pocket and you can effortlessly decorate or do up your bathroom with a vanity that will look elegant and expensive but is actually very pocket friendly. Usually made with hardwood such as teak, cherry, mahogany and chestnut, Allen and Roth vanities use real wood veneers and granite and marble bench tops for a classic feel.  You can opt for something that is extremely traditional, with louvered and intricately carved panels or opt for a clean cut and classic vanity which is highly polished with crystal knobs for the drawers. You can opt for a country style vanity, a double sink vanities with a water-wood basket where you can store any necessities. You can invest in a cottage style vanity if your home has shabby chic decor. If you have a big enough bathroom you can invest in a large vanity with a granite top and lots of storage space for your towels, extra bathroom accessories and other items.

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If you are worried about being able to match your vanity with the existing decor of your bathroom then you can be assured that Allen and Roth bathroom vanities come in modern as well as classic tones and colors and will fit effortlessly with your bathroom, whatever the decor may be. The finish of these bathroom vanities is exceptional and will add glamour to your bathroom without burning a huge whole in your pocket at the same time. You can also customize your bathroom vanities and explore your creative side while doing so. There are many popular vanities that people swear by when it comes to Allen and Roth and they go by the quaintest names such as the Espresso Tanglewood, Cream Ketterton casual vanity or a Dorset style.

allen and roth bathroom vanities2

Where can you buy Allen and Roth bathroom vanities? You can either go online for a range of designs and browse through them before deciding on your purchase, or you can buy them at stores which host the brand. The best part about online shopping is that you might find favorable deals and discounts, which will further reduce the pressure on your pocket. Allen and Roth bathroom vanities will never fail to impress your guests and will give you the pleasure of bathing in a space which might be utilitarian, but elegant and classy at the same time.